Dear Reader,

After planting daily haiku here for the last two years—and elsewhere years before that—I’ve decided to let this plot sit fallow for a while.  I’ll leave this blog open as a museum in the meantime, however long “the meantime” is.  While I’m away, I’ll be scavenging some haiku to create haiku sonnets on Derelict Satellite, my poetry site, and collecting the best for a self-published book combining my haiku and visual art.  When I can, I’ll leave notice of my progress here and on my other blog, Signals to Attend.

Thanks to everyone who visited, particularly Hames, Red Dragonfly, Jingle, Pearl Nelson, Peter Newton, hiddenamongroots, and others for their support and encouragement.  For any new visitors who happen on this space, I hope you will continue to visit the sites they sponsor and all the sites in my Blogroll.

As you haiku writers can imagine, it’s hard to give up a streak of over 5,000 lines and approximately 35,000 syllables.  I don’t know how long I’ll be away or even whether I will ever be back, but I hope to get a new perspective on haiku through the respite.  Maybe then, someday, the crop will return in full bloom again.

Keep haiku alive in cyberspace.