5/10/14: Guessing Questions from Answers (5)

I’m not sure but

isn’t the moon the one who

sleeps with no one?


4 thoughts on “5/10/14: Guessing Questions from Answers (5)

    • I think he was talking to someone about Greek gods, but, based on his volume, you’re probably right. 5 for 5. Perfect score. Thanks for playing! –D

      • These were enormously fun. The form/idea seems vaguely familiar–did you invent it? I really enjoyed their interactive quality–how they seemed to invite, demand perhaps, creative reading. And I was sad to see them come to an end. Bravo!

      • Thanks, I don’t know if I invented it, so I probably didn’t. Maybe you’re thinking of Neruda’s Book of Questions. That’s part of what gave me the idea… and creating Jeopardy review game for my history class the other day.

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