7/5/20: ‘Tis of Thee

picturing sound drawn

by Disney as waves fading

before the shore

7/4/20: Fireworks

the “work” in the word—

is it measurement, method,

or ignition?

7/2/20: Always

near here at


begging for notice

6/21/20: Blitz

pondering which

act feels more intention

than gesture

6/18/20: Carrier Wave

now receiving

signals sent—desperately—

into breezes

6/16/20: Falling Behind

wondering which

belt might be tight enough to

hold these pants up

6/10/20: Sign or Metaphor?

down the block

an extension cord coiled—

unplugged at both ends

6/2/20: First Thing

gray dawn—diffuse

sun without direction—stuck,

heavy, solemn