1/1/21: Dear Reader (Redux)

First, if you’ve been quietly following my haiku and senryu, thank you.

Though I’ve learned to never say never by writing a message like this before, I feel finished with Haiku Streak. If you’ve been following this space, you must have noticed my late posts, my spotty attention, and my large compensatory haiku dumps when I found the will to catch up. Let’s be honest—2020 has been as challenging here as it has been everywhere. I’m tired. Attention suffers.

So today I’m offering no post on Haiku Streak. I can’t say if I’ll be back, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has been listening.

The strangest aspect of the internet may be its promise to bring rich connections and then delivering noise. I like to think I’m not noise, but these days who can avoid contributing?

I’ll leave this site up as a museum. I’ll see you if I see you… and thanks again.



12/25/20: We Need a Little Christmas

some unlocked something—

green and red memory

tripping tumblers

12/23/20: So This Is Christmas

a dropped Starbucks—

red and green cup crushed, frozen,

spread like a star